Boy Scout Troop 89   $4,000                                        Nightlife in Sarasota             $2,000

The Haven                  $3,500                                       Sarasota Military Academy   $5,000

SOAR                        $5,500                                         Honduras Eye Clinic            $3,000

Rotary of El Progresso $1,000                                      Miqueas Orphanage            $1,500

Dublin-Worthington Rotary $ 500                                  Ripple Africa                        $10,000

Gift of Life International $5,000                                           

Thank you to everyone for making this year's tournament such a success!

We look forward to seeing you at our next year's tournament.

The money raised for charities will help many organizations.    Here is a list of what was raised because of the tournament:

Our Annual Golf tournament is our large fund raising event to help us support many great charitable organizations.