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Letter from our President, Robert Case

Founded in 2010, we are one of the newer Rotary clubs in the district.   We wanted to create an environment for like-minded professionals to be able to get together to give back to community.   We set our meeting time to be after work hours in order to attract younger members to the club.    Our members believe in the Rotary philosophy of  Service Above Self.  

President            - Robert Case

President Elect   - Kay Yoder

Treasurer            - John Buzilow

Secretary            - 

Past President    - Sally Marrs

Sergeant of Arms- 

Director at Large  - Justin Crobak

Director at Large  - Linda Thomas

Director at Large  - Ruth Jones

​Director at Large  - Frank Hulbert

​Director at Large  - Mary Ann Vollrath

Webmaster           - Mark Jones

As part of the Rotary International Club, we support the worldwide missions supported by over 1.2 million members.

We are an active club.  We have expectations that all of our members will take an active role in the club in mission, service, and fellowship

Some of the charitable groups that we support as a club

Our meeting is held at Gecko's Restaurant near the corner of Clark Road and Honore Ave (5585 Palmer Crossing) in Sarasota.   Our meetings are held on Mondays with a social time of 5:30pm and the meeting starting at 6:00pm.   The meeting will end at 6:45pm.   Appetizers are served.   We welcome all guests.  There is a $10 fee to attend our meetings which is to help offset the costs of the food.

Rotary International’s President for 2018-2019 is Barry Rassin from the Bahamas.  His theme for this year in Rotary: “Be the Inspiration.”

As Rotarians we choose to serve, our motto being “Service Above Self.”

As Rotary’s founder Paul Harris articulated, “Rotary is a microcosm of a world at peace, a model which nations will do well  to follow.” President Rassin states Rotary is not only a model but an inspiration. It shows us what is possible, inspires us to reach for it, and gives us a path to act — and to Be the Inspiration to our world.

 The Rotary Club of Sarasota Southside was granted its Charter in 2010. Its members are business and professional men and women mostly from the Greater Sarasota community.  The Rotary Club of Sarasota Southside has its own autonomous Foundation, the Southside Rotary Foundation that channels money, garnered through several fund-raising events, to local, national and international charities.

Our club members all have something in common: We take action, we serve our community as volunteers, and we reach out to neighbors in need. We build, support, and organize. We enrich lives. We save lives. We work locally and globally. Around the world and around the corner, whether you’re a veteran volunteer or new to community service, we’re looking for people to be a part of what we do.

We are always looking to grow and improve our club with great people so we encourage you to come visit us. If you are already a member, I challenge you to invite at least one new guest this Rotary year and ask them to join. Remember, that is how we all got involved with rotary wasn’t it? Someone asked you. Now it’s your turn to ask and “Be The Inspiration.”

Thanks again for visiting our website. Here you can learn more about what we do, who we are, and what’s next for our club. As your club president for 2018-2019, I promise, we will have fun and we will “Be The Inspiration” in our community of Sarasota and the world.  I am excited and honored to serve and lead our club this year.